Top Non-Profit Organizations for Farming in the United Kingdom

Farming injects a lot of monetary value in the entire United Kingdom. Food and farming contribute millions to the national economy as well as employ more than four million people.

Most organizations supporting and promoting farming have been around for many decades and they continue to do so due to immense support they get from people and groups. If you are looking for ways to contribute to the farming industry here in the United Kingdom, here are the non-profit organizations you need to connect with.

Farmers Support Initiative

FS Initiative is a UK-based non-profit organization that supports farming mainly in Africa and Asia. Through their early years, FS Initiative started educating local farmers here in the country about efficient and sustainable farming methods.

Throughout the years, their mission became global and they are now helping people eradicate “subsistent and peasant levels of farming in Africa as a pointer to the eradication of extreme poverty.”

The organization has been helping hundreds of farms in the UK, Asia, and Africa cope with different challenges, mainly drought and irrigation. FS Initiative continues to help farmers to this day.

The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution or R.A.B.I.

RABI is active in England and Wales. This organization has been active since 1860, making it the oldest and largest support organization for farming. They focus on providing financial support, guidance, counselling, and practical care to farming people. That includes farmers, farmworkers, and their dependents.

They don’t merely help farmers get back on their feet. They also promote farmer to consumer trade. They believe that supporting local farms is a core component in eradicating poverty throughout the United Kingdom.

They also believe that despite many areas in the country not being urbanized, local farms and businesses are key drivers for the local economy.

They also inform people on how to provide support for farmers. To learn more about these organizations, don’t forget to subscribe to our online blog today. How about you? How are you supporting local farmers?

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